Lone Star Cowboy Church is America’s Premier Church and it is just the place for you. You will feel like you are at home! Can’t see us in person, well that’s alright darlin! Visit us on YouTube!

Partner up with us to help the lost souls know what it is like to know our Savior Jesus Christ! You can help by sharing our YouTube channel to help reach the lost! Watch past sermons and music videos, give us a big thumbs-up, share our videos, and subscribe to our channel!

Come join us in person every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.


When it comes to finding and then selecting a church, most people have certain preferences or characteristics they are looking for in a service or congregation. Some churches are highly sought because they appeal to those from all walks of life.

Lone Star Cowboy Church of Ellis County is just such a gathering. We’re not like a church. We are very accepting of whoever you are, and we don’t have a ‘churchy’ attitude. Pastor Jon Coe believes in the value of keeping “it” simple – no matter what “it’ might be.


Lone Star Cowboy Church is just the place for you. You will be accepted for who you are. You will not be judged by your clothes, actions, or anything else. You won't be asked to say, give, or commit to anything you don't want to do. We just want you to have fun, make new friends, and most of all connect with God.


The many activities, seasonal events and rodeos are always open to the public and free of charge. We usually host four big events a year. It's always good family fun. Most church events include food, farm related games and competitions, such as: calf roping, mutton busting and trail rides, as well as other outdoor related activities.

Upcoming Events