When it comes to finding and then selecting a church to attend, most people have certain preferences or characteristics they are looking for. Some churches are highly sought out because they appeal to individuals from all walks of life and Lone Star Cowboy Church of Ellis County is just such a gathering. We’re not like a church. We are very accepting of whoever you are, and we don’t have a “churchy” attitude.

Pastor Jon Coe believes in the value of keeping “it” simple – no matter what “it” might be.


“Christ doesn’t judge; he just accepts you where you are in your walk of life.”  Lone Star Cowboy Church not only believes in this open-arms concept, but lives it.  We have congregants who come from different religious backgrounds, those who haven’t been in a church for many years and those who have never been in a church.


Lone Star Cowboy Church is a Christ-centered church with a multi-denominational perspective. We are a church that wants to make the world more Christ like and different. Lone Star Cowboy Church believes in the importance having fun, fellowship and enjoying time spent within and without the chapel building.


The many activities, seasonal events and rodeos are always open and free to the public. The Church typically host four big family fun events each year. Events include, food, western/farm related games and competitions, such as; team roping, mutton busting, trail rides, western reenactments, hayrides, lawnmower races, mechanical bull and more.  Whether from a diverse background or simply looking for a church with open arms, Lone Star Cowboy Church welcomes everyone and is here to “ride the trail with you.” From smiling greeters, to bear hugs and handshakes, the Lone Star Cowboy Church “Cowboy” warmth is a big part of the church’s mission. “Our people love other people, not matter what’s going on in their lives,” Pastor Jon said.

Lone Star Cowboy Church has blessed and helped many from every walk of life. Ministering through real and practical preaching and some of the best toe tapping music you will ever hear. “We have an awesome band,” Pastor Jon said. One just cannot help but to toe tap and hand clap along with the songs. Through music events, outreach and open arms, Lone Start Cowboy Church shares Christ’s love, forgiveness and blessings for us and for others.

What do you have to lose?

Lone Star Cowboy Church is just the place for you. We will accept you for who you are, just as God has accepted us in all of our imperfections and sins. We don’t care how you dress, what kind of car you drive or where you’ve been, we are here to love you, have fun with you, make new friends and most of all connect to God.

1011 East Ovilla Road
Red Oak, TX 75154
(972) 576-0900