We are excited to announce we now have playday events at LSCC! Our first Playday event will be July 27, 2019. Starting in 2020, the playdays will be held the 4th Saturday each of month from March – July. Check out our calendar for dates and times.

Playday events have an age group and an event to fit all who wish to compete. Typical playday events include “lead line” for those who don’t have the ability to control the horse and are “lead on foot” through the pattern, and various age classes.

Playdays are a series of agility timed speed events consisting of a rider, horse, pattern, and a cheering crowd! Riders of all ages, sizes and a horse can compete in a playday. Don’t ride, you still have a part in the playdays, come give the spirit by cheering for all participants. This is a wonderful atmosphere and a perfect family event for all to participate in. Come one, come all to watch and cheer family and friends across the finish line.

Barrel racing is not just for the rodeo! Playdays have incorporated this well-known clover-leaf pattern used in rodeo speed event into the common playday games. The horse and rider attempt to complete the pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time possible.

Pole bending is not just for high school rodeo either! This is an awesome pattern for horse and rider to show their ability to weave in and out of 6 poles in both directions correctly and as quickly as possible, without knocking down any of the poles.

Other additional fun play-day patterns can include Flag Race, Keyhole, Pylons, Ribbon Race, Big T, Hourglass, Cupid Arrow, Flying W and much more. The winner is the one who finishes in the shortest time.  Need a nice arena to hold your event, please contact Tinker Files 469-358-2424.


If you are a participant or parent of rider, please join Lone Star Cowboy Church Arena to keep up with the arena events.

Playday Series Information